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  As we have all experienced, with autumn comes the moment of harvest; it will also be a golden occasion in Beijing. In September 2015, notable experts and scholars of arrhythmia all over the world will gather in Beijing to participate in the 15th World Society of Arrhythmia (WSA). This promises to be an excellent stage to demonstrate the progress in global arrhythmia, arrhythmia research and clinical outcomes.
  The World Society of Arrhythmia (WSA) was founded in 1978, aiming at to promote education and training of cardiac pacing and electrophysiology worldwide. WSA has established a tradition to organize academic sessions every four years, which have been held in the United States (1963, 1968, 1991), France (1970), Netherlands (1973), Japan (1976), Canada (1979), Austria (1983), Israel (1987), Argentina (1995), Germany (1999), Hong Kong, China (2003), Italy (2007) and Greece (2011), and achieved remarkable results as expected.
  In October 2009, Beijing successfully held the second Asia-pacific heart rhythm annual meeting (APHRS 2009). More than 200 experts and scholars from abroad attended the meeting, and nearly 3,000 attendees presented in this conference. Under the banner of "innovation and development, communication and cooperation", the APHRS 2009 set up 81 sessions and 13 forums. It was the first genuine international academic conference held in China with English as the official language.
  2009年10月,北京成功地举办了第二届亚太心律学会年会(APHRS 2009)。200多名国外专家和学者参加了此次会议,近3000名与会者出席。大会以“创新和发展 交流与合作”为主题,设立了81个分会场和13个分论坛。这是在中国举办的以英语为官方语言的首个国际学术会议。
  It was a high-level and high-quality global academic meeting from the aspects of organizational management, session scheduling, and live communication. Since then, the progress has been made in leaps and bounds in the field of cardiac pacing and electrophysiology in China, and we have received more international attention and recognition.
  从组织管理、会议安排到现场交流的各个方面,APHRS 2009都体现出是一场高水准、高品质的全球学术会议。自此,中国在心电生理和起搏领域取得了突飞猛进的发展,我们也因此获得更多的国际关注和认可。
  In the Asia-Pacific region, especially in China, the morbidity rates of cardiovascular diseases have demonstrated an upward trend, and a large number of patients with cardiac arrhythmias are in urgent need of treatment. However, there are still gaps to be bridged between the Asia-Pacific region and the world's more advanced countries in terms of clinical and scientific research on arrhythmia. The World Congress of Arrhythmia held in China will be of great benefit to China and even the Asia-pacific region. The release of the latest research results, the progress of optimal clinical diagnosis and treatment, and the presentation of the most advanced medical technology will greatly promote the development of the region's arrhythmia research, and enables more patients to benefit from WSA.
  This conference is supported by Chinese Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology, Chinese Society of Arrhythmias, and the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases. Our academic committee comprises the current and former presidents as well as the president-designate of each international cardiac rhythm association, editors and deputy editors of each arrhythmia magazine, in addition to famous experts in major arrhythmia centers. We will endeavor to develop and design the most sophisticated academic agenda, and the wonderful lectures which they will deliver in Beijing, China will be sure to sate the most gluttonous of academic appetites.
  The 15th World Society of Arrhythmia (WSA2015)
  President of the Society Panos Vardas
  Director Secretary Shu Zhang
  Chairman of the Organizing Committee Congxin Huang
  大会主席Panos Vardas






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